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T h o m a s

UI & UX Designer

Hey, my name is Thomas Claude, I'm based in Namur I solve problems by designing solutions and I'm looking for a job.

  • Projet: My Nurse Care


    A project which was made while the reboot factory, a workshop about empathy. My nurse care is a mobile application for nurses. It works like a digital assistant you have everything you need to take care of your patient.

  • Projet: Get The Fuck Out

    Get The
    Fuck Out

    Get The Fuck Out is a project made for the Web Basement, a 24 hour long competition. Which had as a problematic what would you leave on the internet if it was the last time you could. Best Design award for a 24h challenge.

  • Projet: Freight Big Pro

    Big Pro

    This is a school project about making a commercial website for a font. Freight Big Pro is the name of the font I chose for this project. The reason is that I worked with it in a previous project, and I wanted to explain why.

  • Projet: Futur Classic


    A school project about making a label website and an artist page. My label is Future Classic Which has some famous artist like Flume and Chet Faker.