Welcome to future classic. We manage artists, make records, publish songs, throw parties and highly endorse dancing.

About Us

We are an Australian independent record label, artist management team, touring agency, and music publisher who were founded in 2004.

The label's current roster includes Flume, Nick Murphy, Flight Facilities, Ta-ku, Jagwar Ma, Seekae, Panama, Chrome Sparks, Hayden James, Basenji, Wafia, Touch Sensitive, and more.

We are working with the most talented artist in the world and you problably already know them.

Latest New

Welcoming our new signing, Jonti. Gifted multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer, and vocalist as well as touring member of The Avalanches, Jonti today returns with his first new solo material in 5 years with ‘Scrood’, featuring Steve Lacy from The Internet. The single follows his 2011 debut album Twirligig and 2012 follow up Sine and Moon.

On his signing to Future Classic, Jonti says: “It’s going to be cool to a part of the Future Classic family. I’m looking forward to having a team in Sydney that I can work with directly on bringing my music to life.” Born out of a late night jam session with Steve Lacy in LA last June, ‘Scrood’ was named by Steve who had graduation the following morning, Jonti took the track home and “Envisioned a story to go with it of a man walking through a burning city to get to this person he loves. Which is a metaphor, saying that even though it feels like the world is falling apart, I’m still going to try do my best and soldier forward with love.”


Ta-ku has announced In Residence: a weeklong creative residency in collaboration with Dropbox and Our Golden Age Cinema. From April 11 in Sydney, Ta-ku will bring together global creative thinkers like collaborators in sight and sound Create & Explore, Sydney based chef Dan Hong, aspiring musician Kuren, and more to curate a physical incarnation of his artistic process and world. A gallery exhibit of his Songs To Make Up To photo series will be running through the days, accompanied by nightly talks on different topics that fans can win tickets to. Each talk will showcase how technology constantly redefines the method of creation and collaboration, with Dropbox being the perfect tool to facilitate the process.