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A project which was made while the reboot factory, a workshop about empathy. My nurse care is a mobile application for nurses. It works like a digital assistant you have everything you need to take care of your patient.

Reboot Factory landing page

Reboot factory

The reboot factory is a 2 weeks workshop while we are building a mobile application. That application is built around empathy, we need to find a problem and then make an application around this problem to solve it.

Before the beginning of the workshop, we interviewed people and asked them some questions about their work. We did that to know which kinds of problems they are used to meet while they are working.


Empathy is the capacity to place oneself in another's position.


Among all of our interviews, one problematic looks better than the others. It looked like we could use it to make our application around it. The woman who we interviewed is a nurse who works at the people's house.

She no longer support to carry her stuff all along the day and everywhere. That was the first problem about her work.

The second one, was that she needed to find the right file for the right person at time and it is pretty difficult when you have about twenty people a day.


Then, we thought all about those problematics and realised. We could regroup all the stuff that a nurse needs in only one mobile application.

It would help her to have all her patient's file on her phone. She could easily find it. She doesn't even need to worry about carrying all her stuff because with the mobile application all you need is your phone.

AI and Content

architecture information from my nurse care

The first day, when we all agreed about working on the mobile application for nurses. We started by making a list of every feature that the application should have.

Then, we took all feature and regroup them to create the information architecture. Afterwards, we began to write the content for every feature of the application.


Wireframe & animation

Once we defined the information architecture, we started to make the wireframe. Then, we put the content we made earlier in our wireframes to see what it looks like and if our layout will work with the content.

Wireframes my nurse care part one
Wireframes my nurse care part two

To make it more understandable and to visualize how it works, we put the whole wireframes in invision. Then, we made a prototype of the wireframes so we could see how it runs.

Afterwards, we asked to many users to try the prototype. We noticed that we needed to fix some problems to improve the UX of the application.

Le float c'est de la merde mais bon c'est bien pour la mise en page heureusement que le clearfix est là pour me sauver.

Design & iterations

First design iteration

Once we change the UX, we did the design. First, we made a design sober we didn't wanted to make a whimsical application.

However, a sober design was not enough attractive to give the envy to use it. Then, we tried plenty of different design to finally find the design which match with our application.

second design iteration
last design iteration


We split the group into four parts to give everyone a task.

  • The application's code.
  • The landing page's code.
  • A keynote for the presentation.
  • And a promoting video.

I was working on the application's code and actually, it was pretty difficult. I needed to make some change on the design to have a good usability and ux.

User testing

The main point of this workshop was to work around empathy and to have the human centered design as way to work.

So, once the application ended. We asked to the nurse who we interviewed to try our application. Because, she was the human who we decided to centered our work on.

She found our application usable, she could use it easily. The user onboarding helps her to understand the application no need to explain it to her. She was a little bit disappointed about the lack of precision on scientific terms.