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Get The Fuck Out

Get The Fuck Out is a project made for the Web Basement 2016. Which had as a problematic what would you leave on the internet if it was the last time you could. Best Design award for a 24h challenge.

web basement website

Web Basement

The Web Basement is an event in our school, where students get together for a 24 hour-long competition of coding. The event is called Web Basement because it is hosted in a basement and each year students get a new theme to work around.

This year, the subject was about the internet was dead, and the thing we were about to code will be the last one to be on a browser.

The beginning

Most of the time, getting an idea is difficult. For us, the real difficulty was to choose which idea we would pick and develop.

Finally, we find the chosen one, one idea to rule them all. Nothing, the internet was not even here while our parents were born. Honestly, why would it be necessary to make something stay on the world wide web ?

The project

Get The Fuck Out is a Web App that manage to push away people from their computer.

It works by randomly giving a location from a limited database. On the page of the location is written a small description and a limited number of places that you must visit while your trip.


After 24H of non-stop coding we managed to end this Web App and show it in front of a jury. We won the best design award from the jury's choice and gain for each member of the group a sketch license.